Sunday, July 29, 2007


There's this place called Fit For Life in the BCE place where, in the morning, you can get breakfast sandwiches like blt's, bacon and egg, or just a simple egg sandwich!! Now, some people prefer their egg sandwiches to be made with a medium egg which means the yolk is slightly cooked so that if you were to break the yolk, it wouldn't be runny.
But what about those people who want a sunny side egg sandwich that's perfectly cooked where the yolk runs ever so smoothly on the plate when you cut the sandwich in half and the egg white is not snotty. It's perfectly cooked? WHY IS THIS SO WEIRD!!??? WHY IS IT SO DIFFICULT TO MAKE THIS GOD DAMN SANDWICH??

This is what I said, "Can I get an egg sandwich on white but I want the egg to be soft... not medium?". This is what I got. A scrambled egg with no runny yolk. See pic on the left.
I said, "Excuse me, I want a soft egg... like a sunny side up egg".
This is what I got. 2 sunny side eggs in a container with NO BREAD.
I said, "Excuse me, Can you please take the white toasted bread and put the sunny side eggs in it and then cut the sandwich in half".
She says, "But the yolk will run".
I said, "YES... THAT'S WHAT I WANT!!!!"
The manager then proceeded to tell the fresh off the boat ignorant sandwich maker to do exactly what I said. So she puts the eggs between the bread and proceeds to cut it. And VWALA! THE YOLK IS RUNNY!!! YAY!!
Then she says, "See... look what happened"
Her manager then says to put the sandwich in the container since it's too difficult for her to put the sandwich on a paper plate and then put it in a small paper bag as all sandwiches come.
After bitching and complaining about the service from that place, we proceed to sit down and eat. Lou takes one bite of the sandwich and finds that the egg WHITE is snotty and is absolutely disgusting. So she throws it away and orders an Egg McMuffin from Mc Donald's!! You can't go wrong with Mc D's.

Bloody hell!!! Never again will I try to order this sandwich anywhere! Like they say, if you want something done right... do it yourself!!