Monday, April 14, 2008

Typical Sagittarius

Many times I have read that a characteristic of a Sagittarian is that they don't finish what they have started. I confess, this is some what true for myself. There have been times where I get all psyched up for a project or task and then I just for some reason, I lose interest or just don't finish it for whatever reason.

Sad but true... my vegetarian challenge has come to and end :o( I survived 3.5 days of being a vegetarian and just the thought of another 4 days was extremely difficult. After the first 3 days, my body just felt weird. I can't really explain it but it was like my body was changing. It wasn't getting weak but it didn't feel the same. Not sure what it was exactly but in any case, my craving for meat was unbearable tonight. I had a bagel with cream cheese for breakfast and a veggie plate at Jimmy The Greek for lunch. But when I came home from work today, all I could think about was MEAT.. chicken to be specific!

I ended my vegetarian challenge with St. Louis Wings!! mmm..... YUMMY IN MY TUMMY!! 3.5 days of veg and carbs was all I needed to know that I could NEVER be a vegetarian. Sorry people... I love food and meat is a big part of it.

I think I could totally have lasted if I could have a least had seafood but I was cut off from that as well. Maybe I'll try that one week and see how it goes.

Sheryl... my deepest apologies for losing your challenge. I actually enjoyed the first couple of days but that was about it.

Til the next challenge.....

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Day 3 - Sunday April 13th

Happy Birthday Dad!!

- 2 hashbrowns
- caesar salad
- Penne Rustico

- sweet potato fries (yes... again!)

Today is my dad's birthday and one of my parents favorites restaurants is Canyon Creek Chophouse. First thing that ran through my mind as I made the reservations for lunch was, "What a bad week to do a Veggie Challenge!". I would say about 95% of the menu in this restaurant is either beef, pork, chicken, or seafood. The only veggie item they had on the menu was a veggie burger. I thought, "Ok.. that's what I'll have. Even though I only like Lick's Nature burgers.. I'll try a different veggie burger.". Yeah well... my mind changed when I got the restaurant. I just couldn't take a chance on ordering something that I might not have liked. So... I ordered the only pasta dish they had called Penne Rustico except I had them take out the chicken :o(. The pasta had spinach, peppers, mushrooms, and feta cheese in a garlic tomato sauce. It wasn't bad actually. To start though, I did order a caesar salad. Chomp chomp chomp. 1/3 of the way done, I realized that there were bits of bacon on the salad! I was completely dumb founded. I didn't even realize it. I started to pick all of them hoping that I might not have eaten too many of them already. :o( I was quite upset. I was doing so good but I'll have to put it past me now and move ahead.

Next time I go to Canyon Creek Chophouse. I'd love to try the slow roasted pork chops with lingonberrry sauce. It looked so good!

Day 2 - Saturday, April 12

- poppyseed bagel with herb & garlic cream cheese

- Tomato pizza and sweet potato fries

The sweet potato fries were sssoooo good!!! The brand that I purchased was Alexia. Today was also good as I stayed home all day and loafed around! I love rainy Saturday's.

Day 1 - Friday April 11

- apple muffin
- veg fried rice, noodles, and veggie spring rolls
- spaghetti with tomato sauce

So far so good. Today was an easy day. I went to Whole Foods with Sheryl & Dion and I couldn't believe that I found frozen sweet potato fries. I LOVE sweet potato fries and I've never seen a pack of frozen ones. I'll save it for tomorrow.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Ok so Sheryl has challened Lou and I to a Veggie Challenge. Problem is... Lou refuses to give up seafood so for her.. she'll be a pescetarian.

I've stocked up on pasta, veggies (of course), cheese, more pasta, pomodora pizza,. and more pasta. (I need to find some more recipes) Now just to clarify.. I know some vegetarians don't even eat cheese or eggs but according to Sheryl's challenge rules.. I can eat them :o) YAY!! Thank god!

So every day I will post a blog as to what I have eaten. I have to say.... I'm excited but am also wishing that I ate a street meat hotdog, a t-bone steak, a roasted chicken, and some bbq ribs this week but... oh well. I guess it'll have to wait.

Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

It's "Empty out the fridge" night

Now that I've moved to a shoe box, I'm so lucky to have a tiny fridge that fits practically nothing! (insert angry face). It's good in a way that I don't overload on groceries, however, I also have to be conscious of what I can fit in the fridge. Thank god for Ziplock large freezer bags!

Anyway, I had some food in the fridge that I kept forgetting to cook so today I decided to grab whatever ingredients I had to get rid of out of the fridge and make a pasta out of it.

This is what I had to get rid of:

- raw shrimp
- tomatoes
- mushrooms

Because I just sort of threw everything together, I don't really have a precise recipe. I can pretty much tell you what else I added to those ingredients to give you an idea of what you'll need should you ever want to brave making it.

So besides the shrimp, tomatoes, and mushrooms.... I used.

- butter
- olive oil
- garlic
- onions
- italian parsley
- nutmeg
- salt & pepper
- wholegrain spaghettini

First and foremost, I cooked my spaghettini in boiled water.

While that was cooking, I basically melted about 2 teaspoons of butter and cooked the garlic & mushrooms just until they started to get soft. I added the tomatoes and onions until the onions were soft. Then I added the parsley and just a little bit of nutmeg. (When I say a little bit... I probably stroked the nutmeg across my grater about 15 Sorry... I'm crap at measurements). Then I added a good glug of olive oil and added the shrimp and of course salt and pepper to taste.

It took me about 20 mins to make which is just the way I like it. Just one more thing. I completely forgot to take the shell off the shrimp so you might want to do that before so that you don't have to do it after it's all cooked and get your fingers messy.