Thursday, April 10, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Ok so Sheryl has challened Lou and I to a Veggie Challenge. Problem is... Lou refuses to give up seafood so for her.. she'll be a pescetarian.

I've stocked up on pasta, veggies (of course), cheese, more pasta, pomodora pizza,. and more pasta. (I need to find some more recipes) Now just to clarify.. I know some vegetarians don't even eat cheese or eggs but according to Sheryl's challenge rules.. I can eat them :o) YAY!! Thank god!

So every day I will post a blog as to what I have eaten. I have to say.... I'm excited but am also wishing that I ate a street meat hotdog, a t-bone steak, a roasted chicken, and some bbq ribs this week but... oh well. I guess it'll have to wait.

Wish me luck!

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Shez said...


TECHnically, you shouldn't be eating eggs and cheese, as I didn't either. However, you will still be considered a more technical terms: and OVO-vegetarian - one who eats eggs and other dairy products derived from animal by-product :P