Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another way to cure hiccups

I was reading the Amateur Gourmet's "How To" section on his website and I saw "How to cure hiccups". I thought, "Oh.. I wonder if this is the same way I've heard you can cure hiccups.".

Actually... it wasn't.

For Lou's birthday this summer we went to Brownstone Bistro & Bar. One of our friends had the hiccups and someone heard that drinking water backwards was the sure cure for hiccups. Derek was the demonstrator and I'm sure that people were thinking, "What the hell is this guy doing?" lol It's definitely not something you'd just get up and do at a restaurant (or maybe you would) but it works!

lol... it's an odd thing to do but I swear.. it works like a charm. You just have to be careful that you don't spill water all over the place or laugh while you're trying to drink cuz you know you look ridiculous. lol You don't have to drink a lot. Just a big sip.

Make sure the glass is full to the top. It's easier to drink.

Check out this video on how to works.


Michèle said...

Ha! The only time I ever get hiccups is when I am laughing to hard--and I can only cure them if I can stop laughing long enough to hold my breath.. It takes a few times but it usually works!

ma-m said...

lol I'd start laughing even more if I got the hiccups that way.

ces said...

oh this is a big tip for all of us esp. for moms like me! thanks for sharing:)

ma-m said...

Hi Ces, No problem at all. I'm always glad to share. I'm going to try and post more "How To's" so stay tuned.

Shezza said...

You've go' to be joawking?

ma-m said...

lol Shez.. it's not joke. it works.