Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Asian Persuasion

So I'm on a recipe frenzy!!! This week has been my "Try a new recipe" week. It's probably cuz I love my new camera and just want more excuses to take pictures of food. So far I've tried 2 new recipies - Honey & Soy Chicken with Cashew & Coriander Rice and the Raspberry & Mascarpone Creams. I know... nothing spectacular but I'm getting there.

Tonight was Singapore Noodles! Yet again, I got the recipe from the BBC GoodFood website.

I compared the dish to the Singapore Noodles from Spring Rolls and it was very close. Unforunately, I had to use my crappy T-Fal non-stick pan instead of a wok. (For those who wish to get me a bday gift, I need a wok!) That's got to be why Spring Rolls is better. The recipe also says to put the hot peppers on top of the dish after it has been plated. I wanted the dish to be spicy so I cooked the hot peppers with the onions, red peppers, spices, etc. It still wasn't as hot as I would have liked. Perhaps I'll try some hot pepper flakes next time.


Anonymous said...

You are very Nigella Lawson-like.

Anonymous said...

Do you know who's leaving this comment? The girl who wanted to go home from Niagara falls early bec. her hair will get all messed up if she went to sleep.

ma-m said...

lol you're a geek! I'll never forget that for the rest of my life. We need to hook up for dinner. Just for you.. I'll even blog about it!